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Athens Georgia Basement Waterproofing Systems, Foundation Repairs

In many Athens, Georgia homes, people do not go into the basement as often as they like to visit the kitchen or living room. As a result, this neglected portion of the house can come up with the biggest problems a house owner can face. Water begins to seep through the walls or flooring, resulting in cracked walls with a moldy wasted appearance.

Such leakage problems start much before they make a public appearance. The water attacks the old walls or the drainage systems from outside and by sheer persistence gets into the basement interior portions. In the old days, Athens Georgia did not have the basement waterproofing technology and equipment that is available today. Now when a house is built, one of the first areas to receive the builder’s attention is basement waterproofing.

However all is not lost. There are certified and licensed companies which carry out inspection of basement and foundation areas and make you a list of estimates which tells you how much it will all cost. If the repairs are to be done to the exteriors of the house, you are looking at a big bill, running into thousands of dollars. On the other hand, if the repairs can be implemented by treating the inside of the walls, the cost will be comparatively insignificant. Please fill out the form given if you need such inspection done.

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