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Basement Waterproofing Membranes For Protecting Against Wall Leaks


Basement waterproofing membranes are the ideal protection against wall leaks. Waterproofing the basement and preventing wall leaks is not a demanding job but it requires proper knowledge of basement systems like basement leak, basement drains, flooded basement, etc. Only a qualified waterproofing contractor would be able to use the right type of basement waterproofing membranes suitable to your basement. Basement membranes are considered as the most effective solutions for preventing wall leaks, compared to external waterproofing solutions.

Further, basement membranes have longer life cycles and do not react to moisture. Other external waterproofing coatings generally corrode or peel off when they are continuously exposed to moisture and water seepage.

The common basement membranes are bituminous or emulsion membranes, liquid membranes, and elastomeric membranes. Liquid basement waterproofing membranes are easier to apply than emulsion membranes and they also provide a smooth finish. They are quite affordable and withstand even extreme temperature and climate variations. Elastomeric membranes are the latest innovations in basement membranes.

They are the most durable among all types of membranes. They are derived from polyurethane or urethane. These membranes are highly resistant to water, sub-terrain gases, and chemical vapors but they are the most expensive. Employ a good basement waterproofing contractor to fix basement waterproofing membranes and protect basement walls from water leaks.

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