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Waterproofing Companies: Choosing The Best Basement Company


Making repair or improvement decisions for your home can be nerve-wracking for the average person, especially since most house projects are hardly low-dollar ventures. And the added stress of water damage from high rainfall and aging structural concerns can make it even more difficult. Take flood and leaking damage, for example. Is basement waterproofing even necessary at all for most homes, or is it something you might be better off just ignoring?

Unfortunately, for most owners of older homes, the answer is simple: if your home’s basement has never been waterproofed, and there is even the slightest sign of water damage or intrusion on the walls, it is probably a good idea to at least consider doing it. That doesn’t mean that you should commit to any sort of project that will cost hundreds or thousands of dollars, but there are local companies that will be glad to at least give you an honest appraisal of what might be necessary.

And doing a complete basement waterproofing might not be what’s called for, anyway. More often than not, a few simple steps will solve your basement leakage problems, and major excavation or extensive work won’t even be necessary. Many companies do free estimations on what your home will need to be made dry and secure again, and aren’t afraid to tell you that your basement will need less work rather than more. Their goal is repeat business from our valued customers, not one-time jobs that aren’t necessary or cost effective.

Make sure that the local company you go with will give you a free estimate on what waterproofing your basement might cost. And don’t just get a single estimate, either. There are more than enough local plumbing companies out there that will be willing to give you their advice, too. Basement waterproofing might not be as serious as an operation, but just like with visiting doctors, you should always get a second opinion!

Partially due to how close some homes are to large bodies of water, and also because of high precipitation levels in the area and aging homes, many nicer cities suffer their share of flooding and water-damaged houses. In fact, basement waterproofing is a large market, due to the fact that so many people who are otherwise satisfied with their homes are looking at this effective way of protecting their investment.

The suburban areas of the country are also the largest and most densely-populated areas in the country, and are a burgeoning market for basement waterproofing providers, plumbers, and drain cleaners. Western states with dry climates might not have as much of a need for these kind of services, but the ground in the east is often saturated with water even before the heavy rains come. And in these kind of situations, you can discover very quickly that flooding and water damage problems had been sneaking up on you for years.

Of course, you are much more susceptible to basement flooding in if your home is older and has not been serviced recently. Most contemporary home builders make sure that their projects are equipped with proper basement waterproofing (although we have seen some builders who accidentally overlook some key waterproofing methods that could end up costing you later). In older homes, the combination of consistent, steady water damage and aging building materials could add up to a problem that will blindside you at the most inopportune moment.

Many smaller basement waterproofing contractors are proud to offer free estimates for basement waterproofing projects, and they hope you’ll give them a call sometime soon to find out more about what they are able to do for you and your home. They look at each new project as a way to forge a great relationship with customers, and you may be surprised to find that making your basement immune from flooding might not take as much time and money as you originally thought.

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