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Fix Frozen & Broken Water Lines & Pipes In Ohio


Winter has really hit with unusual ferocity this year, and we have rarely seen such freezing temperatures so early in the season.  Of course, this means that there is a larger instance of frozen or broken water pipes in homes and businesses, and we have certainly seen an uptick in the amount of calls we have been getting to repair or replace frozen water lines.

Remember, it takes some pretty extreme and prolonged cold to freeze water lines and pipes if they are buried beneath the ground.  The soil and ground provides a good amount of insulation for water lines, but even the ground can freeze at these depths is the temperature drops enough and stays that way for a long enough time.

When you see ice on the roads or on the ground on your property, then that likely means that the temperatures below ground can be pretty darn cold, too.  Because water expands when it turns into ice, this means that your water lines and pipes can burst or break when their contents freeze.  Generally this is more likely to affect water lines in which the water is standing still for a long time, since running water is less likely to freeze and break a pipe.

We have all of the necessary experience, excavating equipment and tools to properly repair or replace frozen, broken water lines and pipes.  Whether you are a homeowner or the manager of a hotel, apartment complex or other facility, we hope you will contact us today to get a free estimate on just what it will take to fix your water lines in a quick, professional and inexpensive manner.

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