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How To Waterproof A Basement: Wall & Floor Leaks


Many communities in small-town America are home to many beautiful, older homes and a close-knit families and neighborhoods. While these residents enjoy the small-town America feel and lush green trees that line many streets, the same high levels of annual rainfall that creates such beautiful greenery also contributes to groundwater saturation, flooding and water damage problems in homes. Add in the fact that many homes in the area are older, and you have a situation where how to waterproof a basement is a vital question for keeping many residences secure and dry.

Plumbing, drain cleaning and basement waterproofing problems plague many small Midwest towns, especially those located close to large bodies of water. If you own an older home, then the odds are that modern basement waterproofing and flood proofing techniques weren’t used in its construction. And if you haven’t had your home examined for potential water damage issues, now might be a great time to learn how to waterproof a basement.

Basements tend to flood when the ground around them become saturated with rainwater and hydrostatic pressure builds on basement walls and floors, causing cracks and water damage that can significantly damage your investment. Many local waterproofing contractors have plenty of experience fixing wet basement problems, and they would love to hear from you to schedule an appointment to let you know how they can help stop your flooding issues.

Many of these same companies are proud to offer completely free estimates on all basement waterproofing jobs, and one of their professional and courteous employees can visit your home at your convenience to go over different options for waterproofing your basement. Their number one priority is satisfying their customers, and if you own an older home, we may be able to suggest several different options that will allow you to save money, time and effort on your basement waterproofing.

If you do live in an older home, you may have occasionally thought about having an expert take a look at your home to see if some sort of basement waterproofing would be necessary and affordable. Small towns are great communities to live in, but close proximity to certain bodies of water and a high amount of rainfall every year can mean big problems with basement flooding and water damage. Luckily, there are several options when it comes to how to waterproof a basement that can make your potential project much more affordable and stress free than you may realize.

One of the keys to doing your basement waterproofing project the right way is to get several estimates from different local companies to see what they think will be necessary and how much it will cost. Getting estimates from several companies will allow you to compare pricing and practices, get opinions from friends or neighbors who have had basement waterproofing done in their homes, and consider your own budget and what will be best for you.

Of course, if your basement floods and you have an immediate flooding emergency to deal with, it will be more difficult to take your time in finding different companies that can give you estimates on what it will take to solve the problem. But even in this situation, you should make sure that you calm yourself down as much as possible and call at least a few different contractors to get their opinions before settling on one of them.

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