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Grease Trap Cleaning, Repair & Replacement


Grease trap cleaning isn’t a topic that people usually sit around talking about on a regular basis, but maintaining and servicing your grease traps is a very important subject for the managers and owners of restaurants, gas stations, mini-marts, and other large facilities.  We specialize in servicing grease traps, and we have years of experience replacing, repairing and maintaining grease traps for dozens of customers.

Grease traps serve a vital purpose: they keep grease from getting into the drains of facilities like restaurants that process and cook large amounts of food every year.  Grease is one of the most damaging substances you can consistently pour into a drain, although most average homeowners don’t realize this.  Over a period of time, grease can build up in layers on your sewer pipes, eventually blocking all flow completely.

In residential homes and apartment buildings, which don’t often have grease traps, we see many problems with grease that are heightened by garbage disposals in sinks.  Garbage disposals cause grease clog problems in drains because people are more likely to put food products into a drain if they have a garbage disposal.  Garbage disposals are not for allowing you to chop up large amounts of food and empty them into the drain, however.  This is one of the worst things you can do for your drains and it will quickly lead to a blocked or clogged drain due to fat and grease from food products.

And grease isn’t easy to remove once it has coated your drain pipes, either.  A regular drain snake rooter often will not get rid of grease layers on your pipes, and we use a specialized high-pressure water jetting system to get rid of grease on drain pipes.  Our water jet system is a specialized piece of equipment that many plumbing companies don’t have, and it can get your clogged, grease damaged pipes and drains looking like new again.

If you have a properly maintained grease trap in your restaurant or facility, however, it should cut down considerably on the amount of grease that is able to get into your drains in the first place.  Grease traps collect the grease from food processing, just as the name suggests.  They require regularly secheduled grease trap cleaning, however, and like any piece of equipment they need to be serviced and can malfunction or require repair and replacement.

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