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Parma Ohio Basement Waterproofing Systems, Foundation Repairs

If you’re worried about basement leaks, you’re not alone. Hundreds of residents in the Parma, Ohio, area have similar issues that come with older homes and our rainy Ohio springtime.

Basement leaks begin underground, on the outside of your basement wall. When it rains, water (hopefully) flows off the roof, and into your gutter system. The water then flows through down spouts, and is released around theĀ perimeterĀ of your home. At this point, the water soaks into the soil around your house. Out of sight, out of mind, right? We’ll what you’re not seeing after that is severely water logged soil around the home. This water eventually expresses pressure on the outer basement wall, underground. Over time, the wall can gradually erode, leading to cracks, and occasionally water leaks, inside the basement.

The best defense against this type of rain water leakage is a properly installed basement waterproofing system. A trained contractor in the Parma, Ohio, area can determine your basement’e weak points easily, and recommend a solution. is here to connect you to that local professional. We know which contractors in your area have a good track record, and more importantly, are affordable. Fill out the form on this page to learn more now.

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