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Summer & Winter: The Best Seasons For Basement Waterproofing


Many homeowners with basement waterproofing issues don’t realize that there is a problem until their basement floods, which is usually during the rainy seasons of Spring and Autumn.  Waterproofing problems tend to accumulate over many years, and one heavy rain can accelerate the process quickly, resulting in severe basement leaks and damaged property.

Although your basement walls and floor might look fine from the inside, you might have insidious problems that have been building up on the exterior of your foundation for years: broken or clogged footer drains, improper backfill surrounding your basement, and even cracks in the walls themselves.  All it takes is one unusually strong rain storm to increase the hydrostatic pressure on your basement walls to levels that will result in an unexpected–and expensive–flood in your home.

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Because heavy rains are often the precursor to homeowners discovering that they have basement problems, local waterproofing contractors get the majority of their requests for service in the Spring and Fall.  People who wait until a basement has flooded to fix their foundation problems, however, will find that the process is much more lengthy and expensive.  It’s much easier to stop a flooding problem before it ever has a chance to happen . . . and that’s why the dry months of Summer and Winter are sometimes the best times to schedule a basement waterproofing project.

Excavating around a home in the drier Summertime months is much easier that trying to dig in muddy, rainy weather.  And although the Wintertime can bring cold temperatures and frozen ground, many professional basement waterproofing contractors have equipment on hand that can easily thaw the ground before they excavate.

There’s another reason why Summer and Winter are better times to schedule basement waterproofing work: you’ll be able to get an appointment faster.  Because most homeowners wait until it rains to schedule service, there is usually a big backlog of customers for local service providers to get to.  With fewer calls in the drier months, your local waterproofing company will have the ability to cater to your needs much more quickly.

The Summertime is the perfect season for you to request a free basement waterproofing inspection and estimate from local contractors and find out if there might be unseen problems on the exterior of your home’s foundation.  If any potential problems are discovered, a professional waterproofing company can outline exactly what steps might be needed to fix your basement, how long the project might cost, and potential costs.

The smart homeowner repairs potential basement waterproofing problems before they result in a costly, damaging flood.  By doing so, you’ll save yourself lots of time, money and stress the next time your area is hit with heavy rain.

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