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Waterproofing Membrane: Choosing The Right Basement Products


When basement walls and floors become moisturized continuously, water gets logged in the basement quite often, or when the entire basement becomes flooded, the entire foundation can start to slide, split, or even sink. This would pose a huge hazard for the entire building. The common problems for water accumulating in basements is due to poor waterproofing techniques of the basement, soil erosion, expansive soils that have high moisture content, abnormal organic and other natural water resources, and poor compaction. If a homeowner faces such serious issues, the ideal solution is the use of waterproofing membrane.

However, application of a waterproofing membrane depends on two critical issues. The first one is the selection of the right waterproofing membrane product and the other is the appointment of an expert waterproofing contractor having knowledge about various types of waterproofing membrane products. Basement waterproofing membranes have been found to be highly effective in preventing water leaks, when compared to solutions that offer external waterproofing.

External waterproofing coating and other solutions usually peel or corrode much faster, since they are constantly exposed to water seepage and moisture. On the other hand, internal waterproofing membrane products last much longer and are more efficient in preventing water leakages through the basement walls.

The most common waterproofing membrane products are emulsion or bituminous membranes, elastometric membranes, or liquid membranes. Liquid membranes are the most affordable and easy to apply. They also offer much smoother wall finishes and withstand extreme climate variations and extreme temperatures. However, the elastometric membranes are the latest technology, derived from urethane or polyurethane.

This waterproofing membrane is resistant not only to water but even to sub-terrain chemical vapors and gases. However, they are quite expensive. Hence, the cost of the waterproofing membrane and its actual use over a long term should be considered before selecting the right waterproofing membrane.

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